Flag Information (and other National Symbols)

Much of the information your are looking for is available at Heritage Canada's The Symbols of Canada site.

  • What is the proper colour of the Canadian Flag?
    • Pantone - PMS032, for visit the Canadian Government's Flag information Page here
  • Where can I find an early Canadian Flag and its history?
    • Visit the Canadian Government's Flag information page here
  • What is proper protocol for flying the Canadian Flag?
    • Visit the Canadian Government's Flag information page here
  • Where can I buy stickers and patches of the Canadian Flag?
  • What are the rules for using the Canadian Flag for commercial purposes?
    • NOTE: This does not include copyrighted stylized graphics
    • Visit the Canadian Government's Flag information page here
  • I am looking to get a tattoo of the Canadian flag, any suggestions?
    • I have received lots of emails with stories of people getting tattoos inspired by the images on this site. If you are looking to get a tattoo, look around to see what you like, print it off and describe to the artist what you want done and they will help you.

Using the Images

  • How do I download the images?
    • Windows - Internet Explorer - Right click and select Save Picture As
    • Windows - Netscape Navigator - Right click and select Save Image As
    • Mac - Not a clue, Mac user can you please help
  • How come the image I downloaded is no longer animated?
    • Are you trying to use the image in a non internet program like Word, PowerPoint, or WordPerfect. This programs just will not animate the gif files. A solution is to use AVI files, but I don't know where to find a GIF to AVI converter.
    • While you are using a WYSIWYG editor (e.g. FrontPage, Composer) the images are not animated till you save and view in the browser.
  • What is the copyright on this image?
    • Okay the images are one of three things, made by myself, made by a clipart site, or it is public domain. Read at the bottom of each page and underneath the images will tell you of any know restriction on the images. If nothing is said about the image then it is 'believed' to be public domain, so use at your own risk, although I have never had any copyright problems.
  • Can I use this image?
    • Read the copyright information in the above question, and use the images as you see fit. Personal use I would not be concerned. Commercial use you can email me for more information.